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Access to clean water can save around 16,000 lives every week.

Better Education

Less time collecting water means more time in class.


In Africa alone, women spend 40 billion hours a year walking for water.

Urban Areas

The water supply has come under increasing pressure due migration to urban areas.


Agriculture puts a huge strain on the water supply while causing it to be even more polluted.

Carbon Footprint

A water project may reduce carbon footprint.

Resolve to change lives all year long.

In this age of information and ease of access one would exert very little energy to uncover the plethora of issues plaguing our planet. 

Perhaps one would first be in terrifying awe at the five garbage islands collecting off the continental coasts due to oceanic gyres (vortexes) growing as large as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch located halfway between Hawaii and California. It covers an approximate surface area of 1.6 million square kilometers an area twice the size of Texas!

These plastics combined with other factors such as heavy metals and nitrates contribute to pollution of the air, soil and water. 


Ocean acidification is negatively impacting marine life while our air quality is being constantly attacked by not only pollutants but also reduced oxygen brought on by deforestation. 

Loss of biodiversity and global warming are just some of the other major environmental problems that require our attention 

Thankfully there are heros around the world tackling these difficult issues and worthwhile projects that in many cases are volunteer driven and funded by conscientious people and institutions. It’s our mission to help connect these projects as well as the less fortunate with volunteers and contributors.

Ever Changing Environment

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Humanity’s ecological footprint has grown 2.1% per year since 1961. This is the measure of our demands on Earth’s natural resources. Currently we use the equivalent of 1.5 Earths to produce all the renewable resources we consume and utilize. As the human population grows, the challenge of reducing our footprint becomes more urgent.


Ecosystems and their furry residents are being threatened from many of our industrial activities. Wildlife facing down unlicensed hunters for illegal trade, habitat destruction, invasive species, pollution, and climate change.  As these ecosystems shrink and are lost altogether we see their endangered wildlife go extinct and more species added to the endangered list. 

Habitat Destruction via fires that swept across the Amazon and Australia drew attention to just how fragile the most important ecosystems are. Half of the world’s original forests are gone, and what remains is being cut down ten times faster than it can be replaced.

Invasive Species, whether accidentally or intentionally introduced, grow and reproduce rapidly, then spread across ecosystems aggressively. They are one of the leading threats to native wildlife, putting 42% of threatened or endangered species at risk. 

Pollution threatens the survival of more than 600 species of marine wildlife. This is due to the enormous amount of plastics being dumped in the ocean. 800 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year.

Climate Change is raising the ocean’s temperature and melting Arctic sea ice causing species to migrate or adapt to new conditions as vegetation zones shift straining biodiversity.

100% of your money brings clean water to people in need.

More than 780 million people live in extreme poverty on less than $2 per person per day, an amount which is impossible to support a healthy livelihood in any part of the world.

33% of children in third and second world countries suffer from chronic undernutrition. Without a sustainable source of income at a sufficient level, young children and their families do not have access to nutritious food, clean water or health care. And the deadly effects of undernutrition cannot be underestimated: 




45% of all child deaths worldwide are from causes related to undernutrition (World Health Organization, 2018).

At least 14 million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition around the world. Severe acute malnutrition is the direct cause of death for 2 million children every year.

Every day, 1,000 children under 5 die from illnesses like diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera caused by contaminated water and inadequate sanitation.

Sources: United Nations, UNICEF

It’s easy to ignore this devastating issue if you’re fortunate enough to be in a first world nation sometimes taking things like food and health care for granted. As our technology improves worldwide and we approach abundance it’s shameful for any child to die from hunger. We aim to connect people who want to help in anyway possible whether through continuation of money or time with those truly needy all over the world. 

Farming & Food Self-sufficiency 77%
Research and Advocacy 65%
Education 85%
Help Citizens with Special Needs 71%

Water is life. Human existence totally depends on it.


In rural communities…

People walk several miles every day to find water to meet their daily needs. And most of the water they find is often polluted and contaminated.


In urban areas…

As more people migrate to Africa’s urban areas, the water supply has come under increasing pressure. Many urban areas still don’t have dedicated methods of cleaning up the water supply before it is used by the population.


In agriculture...

Agriculture puts a huge strain on the water supply while simultaneously causing it to be even more polluted than it ordinarily would be.


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How to Support Sustainable Urbanism

The carts and carriages crowded close upon one another, making little way for those swifter and more impatient vehicles that darted forward every now and then when an opportunity showed itself of doing so, sending the people scattering against the fences and gates of the villas.

Some of the people who crowded in the carts whipped stupidly at their horses and quarrelled with other drivers; some sat motionless, staring at nothing with miserable eyes; some gnawed their hands with thirst, or lay prostrate in the bottoms of their conveyances.

In one cart stood a blind man in the uniform of the Salvation Army, gesticulating with his crooked fingers and bawling, “Eternity! Eternity!” His voice was hoarse and very loud so that my brother could hear him long after he was lost to sight in the dust.

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